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Graphic designer, frontend developer, and travel enthusiast

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Graphic Designer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Travel, mental health, literature, concerts, history, crafting


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I make brands accessible and shine for an unforgettable experience!

As a Graphic Designer and Frontend Developer, I have cultivated a diverse skill set through my involvement in various projects spanning corporate branding, print design, and web development. My journey has taken me from collaborating with individuals to catering to the needs of international corporations worldwide. Each project has not only honed my design abilities but has also contributed to my personal growth.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an avid learner, constantly seeking out new tools and tutorials to enhance my skills. My insatiable curiosity extends beyond the realm of design to exploring new cultures, cuisines, and experiences. I find inspiration in the richness of diversity and the excitement of the unknown.

Throughout my career, I have thrived on building meaningful connections with clients, ensuring clear communication and alignment from project initiation to completion. My approach involves not only meeting client specifications but also offering innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Whether crafting logos, developing websites, or creating print materials, I prioritize delivering high-quality work within agreed-upon timelines.

My dedication to excellence extends beyond the confines of work hours, as I am committed to ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and success of every project. With a blend of technical expertise, creativity, and a passion for learning, I am poised to tackle new challenges and contribute effectively to any creative team.


Social Media
Love Bug and Honey Valentines Day Card

Love Bug n' Honey

This project merges whimsy and tenderness through an endearing illustration of anthropomorphic characters—a love bug and a honeybee—captured in the throes of love.

Critter Crazy

Critter Crazy is a captivating ongoing series of meticulously crafted illustrations showcasing a diverse array of animals.

The Elementals

A collection of little elemental critters based on the original 5 elements of alchemy and nature.

Encuentro Marino Restaurante

A reimagining of the old branding and some modern updates were required for this delicious seafood restaurant to grow it’s market. The logo was updated to be cleaner and more recognizable at all sizes, and vectorized to be scalable for any future projects.

Acorn Woods

The client required the creation of their logo and emphasized the importance of symbolizing the partnership between the two founders while maintaining a simple yet elegant aesthetic.
IA Logo

IA : Inteligencia Automóvil

This small business wanted the 80’s feel for it’s branding, with a bright and dynamic logo, banners and startup splash screen.

With a background in traditional arts, and education in digital communications, I’m always up for a challenge

Aside from the usual Adobe standards like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, I am well versed in a variety of other creative programs, such as Corel, and open source programs like InkScape, Gimp, and more. I am also constantly learning and upgrading skills in HTML, CSS, PHP and JS, using WordPress often. And, if there are programs I don’t yet know about, it isn’t for long.

Additionally, I have created a number of designs and campaigns for social media and email using apps like MailChimp to create uniform communications that are both visually appealing as well as built with responsive and adaptive design in mind to be accessible to those with disabilities.

Adobe CC Suite
Microsoft Suite


January, 2013 – Now

Visual Designer and Frontend Developer

Freelance graphic art and design, including web and print. Primarily working with individuals, and small and medium sized businesses.

– Meet with clients for project briefings and updates on a regular basis, aiming for at least bi-weekly meetings to ensure alignment and progress tracking
– Produce logos, graphics, and illustrations according to client specifications for both digital and print media, with a target of delivering drafts within 3-5 business days of receiving the brief
– Develop new websites and redesign existing ones using WordPress, HTML, WooCommerce, and other CMS platforms, striving to complete projects within agreed-upon timelines, typically aiming for a turnaround of 2-4 weeks for a standard website
– Provide ongoing maintenance for websites, responding to client requests promptly, with a commitment to addressing urgent issues within 24 hours and non-urgent issues within 2-3 business days
– Offer training sessions for clients to learn how to log in and utilize the CMS for self-updating of website pages, providing comprehensive documentation and support materials for reference
– Design business cards, corporate identities, posters, brochures, flyers, and other printed materials, ensuring a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks for initial drafts, and coordinating prepress preparations for seamless printing

Pixel Pixy / Remote Canada

April, 2016 – January 2023

Visual Designer and Frontend Developer

Freelance graphic art and design, including web and print. Primarily working with small and medium sized businesses across several continents.

– Delivered logos, graphics, and illustrations based on client specifications, aiming to provide initial drafts within 3-5 business days and finalize designs within 1-2 weeks of receiving feedback
– Created graphics and illustrations as specified for print or web use, ensuring compatibility with both mediums and delivering finalized assets in the required formats within 2-3 business days of approval
– Constructed new websites using a CMS, with an aim to complete basic website projects within 3-6 weeks, and provide ongoing maintenance services, responding to urgent issues within 24 hours and non-urgent issues within 2-3 business days
– Collaborated with teams to design UI/UX layouts incorporating current trends, aiming to provide initial concepts within 1-2 weeks and iterate based on feedback within 3-5 business days
– Developed branding materials, stationery, brochures, and other print materials, with a target of delivering initial drafts within 2 weeks and finalizing designs within 3-4 weeks of project commencement
– Prepared documents for digital and traditional publishing using InDesign, ensuring accuracy and adherence to branding guidelines, and delivered finalized documents within 1-2 weeks of receiving content
– Created layouts and published documents via PDF, including translation services between Spanish and English, with a turnaround time of 2-3 business days for translations and 1 week for layout and publishing
– Completed the translation, layout, and publishing of 30 pages of documents in 72 hours as the client required a rush service

The Well, Creative Consultants  / Remote Canada

September, 2006 – December 2020

Web Designer and Developer

Friends & Advocates is a Non-Profit Mental Health Program servicing Peel and Halton Regions.

– Designed and built a new website adhering to AODA standards, ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements, and completing the project within 2-3 weeks
– Developed a responsive and adaptive design for the website, optimizing it for various devices and screen sizes, and ensuring SEO compliance according to current best practices, with a focus on achieving a PageSpeed Insights score of at least 90 for both mobile and desktop versions across all available browsers
– Implemented a Content Management System (CMS) for the website, enabling staff to easily update content regularly without technical expertise, and providing training sessions for staff members, with technical support available as needed
– Performed bug fixes and implement tweaks as needed or requested, aiming to address urgent issues within 24 hours and non-urgent issues within 2-3 business days, with a goal of maintaining a bug-free and smoothly functioning website

Friends & Advocates / Brampton, ON

January, 2016 – April, 2017

Graphic Designer

Graphic and web design, including web and print. Primarily working with medium and large sized companies in the financial sector as well as other top professions.

– Greeted and met with clients to discuss project briefs and updates, scheduling regular bi-weekly meetings to ensure effective communication and alignment throughout the project lifecycle
– Designed logos, graphics, and banners based on client specifications, aiming to provide initial concepts within 3 days and finalize designs within 2-3 weeks of receiving feedback
– Built websites using WordPress CMS, with a target of completing basic website projects within 2-4 weeks, and refresh existing sites with updated content and design elements within 2-4 weeks depending on the scope of the refresh
– Created branding materials, signage, and other promotional materials according to client requirements, ensuring accuracy and consistency with brand guidelines, and completing prepress checks to ensure print readiness within 1-2 weeks of finalizing designs
– Prepared documents for digital and traditional publishing using InDesign, adhering to formatting standards and ensuring compatibility across different publishing platforms, with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks for document preparation and publishing

Kurz Design / Toronto, ON


Domestika, Coursera, Lengalia, EdX, SkillShare, Udemy

MOOC Certs.
  • Advanced Photoshop Techniques
  • Advanced Illustrator Techniques
  • Children’s Illustration
  • Create Eye Catching Infographics
  • Ideas from the History of Graphic Design
  • Learn JS
  • PHP for Designers
  • Learn Bootstrap
  • Intro to UX
  • UX Design Professional Certificate by Google


Design Intensive Cert.
Novice artists and designers often confuse the medium with the methodology and become focused on the outcome rather than the process involved in creating work. The Summer Intensive Program will help you see the differences.

Seneca College

Digital Media Arts

Graduates are prepared to meet the growing demand of “digital artists” skilled in the creation and implementation of computer graphics visuals for the ever growing field of “New Media”.


  • Quotation Mark Open

    My experience with Cai was the best! I like very much how the menu design looks. It is nice, modern and according to the business. Also, she has great ideas and it is on time. Thanks very much to Cai from Perú!

    My best wishes for you.

    José Bernable
    Encuentro Marino Restaurant
    Lima, Perú

  • Quotation Mark Open

    Love the full layout! Looks like a real book! Super excited about it. 🙂


    Melanie Curtin
    80 Lays Around the World
    New York, NY

  • Quotation Mark Open

    Hello everyone, I highly recommend Cai's services due to the fact that she is excellent designer and she is able to catch the client's essence and give different approaches in order to provide always the best option for the client all this with dedication and a smile . I am satisfied with the work that she is doing. She help me to find the name and she design the logo of a project of mine. And I am very happy with that.
    So, I highly recommend Cai.




    Gabriel Martínez
    Bytes Cyber Cafe
    Yucatán, México

  • Quotation Mark Open

    Wow! Awesome the new website! It looks great and will help us to provide more information and services to current and prospective members. Thanks for your help and teaching us how to use it!



    Andrew Raralio
    Friends & Advocates Peel, NPO
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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    Looking for help with a project and don’t know where to start? Drop me a line!

    I’m happy to discuss any questions, and walk you through any concerns. Have an idea of what you want but not sure how to achieve it? I’ll help you reach a solid plan and get started on your way. Need urgent updates and can’t find your original files? Let me help you recover what was lost and ease the stress. 

    Drop me a simple hello, or provide a brief overview of what you’re looking for to get started. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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